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Carrier - Black Polka Dot & Black Leather Trim


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Our Polka Dot Carrier is ‘the’ classic. It is hand-crafted from fine custom drum dyed Italian leather and specially patented indoor/outdoor fabric that is waterproof polka dot fabric. That means that it is very durable and the color won’t fade. The carrier will retain its beauty, even in extreme environments. This attention grabber will be the envy of all pets. Airline welcomed and approved! •Signature Fifi & Romeo hardware •Front and rear panel mesh ventilation •Dutch door enabling a room with a view or a "camouflage" •Retractable top flap to contain or release •Interior and side pockets for personal items or pet supplies •Removable plush cushion to keep your pet comfortable •12.5" H x 15" L x 8" D. Center carrier width is 6" Durability is key, with thought invested into structure to prevent sagging and materials to repel weather or accidents. Our carrier can also double as an attractive handbag for all occasions. **Shipping charges vary with postal code destination. Please let us quote your charges.

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